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About Me

Ron Kahlon is an award-winning Film Director and Writer of Indian origin from Melbourne, Australia. 

Ron Kahlon also known as Ranjeet Singh Kahlon was born in India, Ron’s childhood was spent growing up in various places around India as the son of an Indian Army Officer. The exposure to diverse communities, cultures and gritty experiences, inculcated in him the passion for creative storytelling. The coinciding rise of Indian cinema and the introduction of coloured televisions in homes only fuelled his passion for imagination even further.

His storytelling approach is real and relevant; exploring characters and themes that represent the world we live in to convey meaningful messages. He is known for an unpredictable narrative style where he portrays not so perfect characters and their internal conflict through real-world scenarios. He is drawn to exciting genres such as horror and thriller.

Ron is committed to working with talent that come from various walks in life, countries and cultures. “Working in Australia has been the best part about my journey”, says Ron. “Not only is Australia multicultural, but it also has many talented and skilled creative professionals.” Ron brings a unique blend of Indian and Australian cinema and strives to showcase this to the world.

He has recently co-written and directed “The Untold” which won Best Film in Drama category at the European Cinematography Awards and Best Cinematographer at the New York Cinematography Awards in 2021. The 12-minute film is a thrilling and tumultuous journey of a guilt-ridden girl where karma meets her full circle. The Untold is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Ron is currently completing an attachment on a Feature film “My Melbourne” funded by Screen Victoria.